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       1. Please read



       2. The following 4 books out of 5 books of Thiru.R.Deva Asirvatham are available as pdf file:


'Moovendar Yaar?'

'Pallar Alla Mallar Aam Mannar'

'Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Thaal Neelai Eydal'

'Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Veelchi'


The books can be downloaded from the following URL:


using the 

user name:   mallar 
password:    sekaran1957

After login to the link please click on the book name (image) to view and right click to download;
Please do click one link at a time.

Kindly email or"
if there is any issues in downloading these books.

Please read the book and convey the information in the books to as many of our people as possible.


Those of you that can afford, please send a Check or Money Order for Rs 75 (Rupees Seventy Five only) per book, to the following name and address:


Pappu Asirwatham

12/180 Moovendar Illam

Yagappa Nagar

Pudukottai Road

Thanjavur 613007



Or send a direct deposit to the following Bank Account:

Name: Pappu Asirwatham

Bank Code: IOBA0000088

SB Account Number: 41919


Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank,

Address: South Main Street, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India


The address was the residential Address of Thiru.R.Deva Asirvatham.
Ms. Pappu Asirwatham was the wife of Thiru.R.Deva Asirwatham.


Please note: When the books were published Thiru.R.Deva Asirvatham set the price of the books at about Rs 45. Now with high prices and inflation, I thought setting the price at Rs.75 a book is reasonable. Making the book available as pdf file may help many to read this book and bring awareness that Thiru.R.Deva Asirvatham longed for the past 30 years. So I have volunteered to do this service so many people can read the book.


Please note: 

Those of you that cannot afford to send Rs 75 per book, please read the book now and send a check (cheque) or Money Order when ever you can. If you cannot afford the money please do some social work for the improvement of the Devendrakulam / Mallar community.


Contact information of first and second sons of Thiru.R.Deva Asirvatham:

Manohar alias Natarajan - 9966124122 or 9443005777

Alex 919443864732





A Noble War to Enlighten the Truth (An ongoing struggle by Thiru. Deva Asirvatham)


A Proposed flag for Devendrakula Vellalar


Please see the flag and give your proposal for modification.

The Flag is choosen with great care to include Temple to signify Gods are called Mallars

and most of the ancient Temples were built by Mallars.

The orientation of the Cheran, Cholan and Pandian symbols are placed in such a way that they do

not seem to attack one-another.

The grain plants are included to signify our agricultural heritage.

The Christian and Muslim symbols are included as our community members have also embraced Christinity and Islam.

Buddha is included as Mallas originally embraced and propogated Buddhism during Buddha's life time.

Mahavira is included as Pandian Kings were Jains for some time after the Sangam period.  

The writings at the bottom brings about the true history.

The writing at the top shows our belief.


A Proposal for the Constitution of the Devendrakulam Social Organization




Some Proofs Linking Devendrar to Moovendar


1. Some of the evidences that support that Devendrakula Vellalars are the descendents of Mallas and the three Tamil Kings, Pandyas, Cholas and Cheras.   


( For more details please review 'Moovendar Yaar?', 'Pallar Alla Mallar Aam Mannar',

'Tamil Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Veelchee'


Note: In order to read the contents, once the page in the link opens, click the page,

a expand icon will show up. Click the expand icon so the page shows is readable size fonts.


i. Acceptance by Priests from Ancient Temples that Devendrakulam's Ancestors were Tamil Kings

ii. Day-to-Day practices in existence

iii. Stone inscription from Tirunelvelli

iv. From Pallu literature - (written between 17 and 20 Century)

     ( E.g. Mukkudar pallu, Sengottu pallu )

v. Pandian Temple, Mallar Temple

vi. Devendrakulam

vii. Workers support


2. A Letter from a reader who read 'Moovendar Yaar?' 




1. (From Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India) 




Yahoo Groups 





Blog Pages










5. To a Better World

6. A development Proposal for India




Books of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar







1. Mallar Malar (Tamil Link)



4. Thevendrar (Tamil Link)


6. Devendra Social Cultural & Welfare Association - Bangalore





1. List of Recent Books on Mallar (Pallar), Devendrakula Vellalar





Who are the Aryans and Who are the Brahmins

The origin of Brahmanism, Caste and Riddles in Hinduism

Who are the Paraiyars



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