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Modern Devendras




          Sundara Lingam Kudumbanar was one of the earliest freedom fighters of India against Britishers. He was a General in the army of Veera Pandia Katabomon. Sundara Lingam Kudumbanar went on several peace missionary with the King of Celon. He once saved the life of Veera Pandia Katabomon by killing the British agent that came to attack Katabomon.

At the time of Sundara Lingam Kudumbanar (19th Centuary AD), Devendra Kulam (Mallar, Pallar, Kudumbar, Kaallaadi, Pannaadi, Moopan, Oodayar etc) was not in the Scheduled Caste (SC) list.




         By the time of Immanual Devendrar (Early Mid 20th Centuary AD) Devendra Kulam (Mallar, Pallar, Kudumbar, Kaallaadi, Pannaadi, Moopan, Oodayar etc) was included in the Scheduled Caste (SC) list. Members of Devendra Kulam were humiliated and were subjected to various harsh tasks and were identified in a derogatory manner with with other existing Scheduled Castes (SC) of that time (Like Channar - Currently Nadar, Pariar - Currently Adi Dravidar, Chakulliar - Currently Arundadiar). So Immanual Devendrar stood up against these attrocities by caste Hindus (Especially Devars). This led to a series of violent clashes between Devendrar and Devar community. The police supported Devar Community and Immanual Devendrar was killed early in the morning in front of a Tea Shop when he was scheduled to have a peace mediation with the Police and Devar Community.




       Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham was born on 15-July-1920 in Muppilivetti, Tuttukkuddi. As a young kid he observed Brahmins of his village giving great respect to Members of Pallar Community but not to other Community. So it puzzled him why! As a kid he hearded his parents and elders say that our community (Pallar) is the supreme of all other castes! He started his career as a Revenue Inspector and was very honest in his work. When he started his job in Tanjavur, people refused to rent him a house later he was allowed to stay in an AGRAGARAM by Brahmins! Once a barber stopped cutting his hair after enquiring about his caste.  This left him very humiliated and started wondering why most other caste people hated Pallans but our own Pallars were claiming that we were the Supreme Castes of all! So he started enquiring about Pallars, their life style, the places they lived and enquired to Priests of Temples about Pallars when he visited various cities. After he became Deputy Collector he was asked to favor a big Private Company in Madurai on revenue and other land issues which involved huge sums of money. He refused to favor the company. Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham was forced into retirement during the Emergency Law declared by then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi, on the directions of the pressure/influenced by the Madurai based Company (The Company and its owners' community has/had strong ties to Congress).


After Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham was forced into retirement, he dedicated his entire life to research the truth about the history and origins of Pallar Community.

The humiliations he went through because of caste from other caste members but the proud heritage claimed by our community people in our villages inspired him to think and research on who Pallas really are. His first breakthrough came about when he saw the stone inscriptions in Srivillipudur Temple about Devendrakulam. So he researched the subject for more than 7 years going through 1000s of ancient and modern Tamil and English literature, poems, history books, stone inscriptions, interviewing Temple Priests in Meenaksiamman Temple, Srivillipudur Temple and many other ancient Temples, and many others and found the truth that the descendants of great Pandyas, Cholas, Cheras, Mallas, Pallavas were humiliated to Pallas and were subdued. His first book, 'Moovandrar yaar' was published in 1977. With the book he expected a great revolution, inspiration and awareness and upcoming of our community. He tirelessly spread this information (the truth about Mallas who were subdued as Pallas) by giving pamphlets, notices in all major Tamil events like The World Tamil Conference, Every year in Sadayathiruvilla (Celebration of Raja Raja Chola's birthday) in Tanjavur, by writing to various Prime Ministers, Presidents of India, Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu, speaking to school Teachers in their Teacher’s rooms, by speaking in public gatherings, writing to newspapers and magazines.


When Dr.K.K Pillai wanted to include the Pillai community as part of Mallas and as Vellalars, Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham wrote the book "Vellalar Yaar?" to expose the true history of castes that emerged as Vellalars during the 17th, 18th and 18th Century.


Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham was continuously encouraged by Dr.S.Marimuthu. With the encouragement, support and inspiration from Dr.S.Marimuthu, Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham wrote several more books("Moovendar Yaar - Modified Edition", Republication of "Vellalar Yaar", "Pallar Alla Mallar Aam Mallar", "Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Veelchi", "Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Taal Nelai Yeaidal"). In the early 1990s Thiru.Dr.G.Guruswamy Siddan, took Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham as his teacher in order to spread the truth about Pallar history. Later on Dr.Karuppaswamy, Er.Subbiah and others helped Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham to spread the true history of Mallas/Pallas. During early 21st Century, the discovery of Raja Raja Chola's Burial place at Daarasaram near Tanjavur, on which a Shiva's Temple exists gave more encouragement to Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham.


Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham passed away on 17-August-2007 at Thanjavur. Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham's body was buried at Uppilipetti, Tutukkuddi near his Mother's body.


Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham is survived by his wife, Papammal, 7 children and many grandchildren.

was also got encouragement, support


Many of our community people have not woken up to Thiru R.Deva Asirvatham's call and to his expectation. He wanted everyone to recognize that we were the descendants of the GREAT TAMIL KINGS, but NOT UNTOUCHABLES.
In spite of his tireless effort and work by Thiru.Guruswamy Siddan, Dr.S.Marimuthu, Dr.Karuppaswamy, Er.Subbiah and others only very few of us know our history. So every one of us should pledge and work to enlighten the truth about out history and to uplift our community to become economically wealthy, politically powerful, socially respectable, and humanely cordial with all.



        Dr.S.Marimuthu was born in Vellaauthapuram, Rajapalayam to Shri.Sangiliaandi and Shrimathi.Sangiliammaal. He was the second child out of 18 children.

Only 5 of his siblings survived. His father Shri.Sangiliaandi was the village chief and his Mom Shrimathi.Sangiliammaal was the Priest of the Village Temple (Sangiliaandi - Durgai Amman Temple). As a young Kid Dr.S.Marimuthu was very active and understood the importance of education. He studied hard and wanted to be in the top of his class. He walked Several Miles to school and has a book in hand even when he went to sleep (So when he got up from sleep, immediately started reading the book). He encouraged his younger brothers and sisters (who were more than 12 or more years younger to him)  and kids from his village to study and wanted everyone of them to graduate from collage so everyone of them can lead a decent life. With high ambitions set he studied Medicine from Madurai Medical Collage Hospital and became a doctor.


Dr.S.Marimuthu was very honest and helped the poor and needy to the greatest extent possible. He was very brave and stood for truth and the needy no matter who he had to face to get things done right.


While he worked for a Rural Health Center Hospital he came to notice that one of the Mill Owners in Rajapalayam ( a powerful congress man) swindled hundreds of acres of Government Land (Puram pooku Land) with the help of Taasildaar. So he wrote several memos to government with evidence that the land was government land but the Mill owner improperly wrote the lands to his family name! With great effort the land was written back as Government lands and the corrupt Taasildar was suspended. The Mill owner threatened Dr.S.Marimuthu with several Goondas but Dr.S.Marimuthu organized a strong support from his villagers and averted the dangers. But the Mill owner managed to transfer Dr.S.Marimuthu to a different place with his influence in the Congress government.

(The Mill owner and his sons now own many companies. The Mill owner's son was the CEO of a Big Software Company and later involved in the biggest IT (Information Technology) company Scam that happened in 2008-2009 in India).


For Dr.S.Marimuthu this was the begining of several verbal and written cases to be fought for Justice and for the poor!





















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